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Small Business

L&M Website Design is a small business, located in Greece, NY catering to small businesses in the Rochester, NY area. We can design an affordable website for your small business that highlights the products and services that your company offers to your customers. The website development could be a new website, and update to your present site or just some maintenance tasks.

Customers First

L&M Website Design will meet with our customers' one on one to establish their requirements and work with them to develop a design that represents their business. This collaboration will involve some customer time, but will result in a web design that is truly your website. This limits us to doing business with companies located in or around Monroe County, New York.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the technique that when performed properly will have your website rank high with Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. We will work with you to develop keywords for your business, and then use these keywords within the text on your businesses web pages. L&M Website Design will follow that up by generating backlinks to your new website from several different websites. We will also provide you with information on sites that the owner is required to submit.

Increase Sales

Websites give your potential customers the ability to find and learn about your business. Today many people perform research on line to find the products/services they are looking for. Your website provides this exposure for your business. Your website is the first impression of your business for many customers. We work with you to provide a website that will attract new business and provide existing customers with additional information about your business.


L&M Website Design has provided professional website design services for the several local Rochester businesses .

Website Development Expectations

When you are paying for a website design, your business should expect the following:

L&M Website Design meets these expectations.